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Next on the Tee, Where PGA & LPGA Players, Legends & Top Instructors Share Their Stories, Insights and Playing Lessons to Help You Play Better Golf.

February 25, 2017

Andy Traynor & Sue Wieger


On this edition of Next on the Tee my guests are: Top Instructor and Trackman Master Porofessional Andy Traynor and Top Golf Instructor and author of the book, "Golf, The Last Six Inches...Change Your Brain, Change Your Game" Sue Wieger.

Andy Traynor - Andy and I talked about the data we get from Trackman about our swings including what launch angle and spin we should be looking for. We also talked ways we can more accurately read putts.

Sue Wieger - Sue and I talked in depth about the mental side of the game and gave us many tips for how to get so much more out of the game by improving our thought process. She talked about getting away from the negative we talk we do to ourselves after we need a not so good shot. She shared ways to stop negative thoughts from creeping into our minds when we face shot surrounded by hazards. She also talked about how important it is to understand WHY you play golf and being true to your WHY. 

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