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April 8, 2017

Michael Vrska, Kenny Knox & Brian Jacobs


On this episode of Next on the Tee hear my conversations with: 18 year industry veteran of club research, design and development Michael Vrska, former PGA Tour Pro Kenny Knox and Lead Instructor on the Golf Channel Golf Academy Brian Jacobs.

Michael Vrska - Michael shared his expertise on golf club and golf ball design and history. He talked about whether golf manufacturers are willing to dial the ball down, how to decide which golf ball is right for your game and what room is left for manufacturers to improve golf equipment since they are maxing out against the USGA limits.

Kenny Knox - Kenny shared his memories of playing in 5 Masters including his rookie debut in 1986. Hear what it was like driving up Magnolia Lane for the first time, seeing the extreme elevation changes throughout the course and what it was like putting those greens. He also talked about his great line of putters and wedges that he has available on www.kennyknoxgolf.com.

Brian Jacaobs - Brian talked about the wonderful caddy program he got started up in Rochester, New York, plus tips on how to read the grain on the greens, how to know if you need to chip or pitch the ball for greater success around the greens and the importance of writing down your goals for your practice sessions.

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