"You're the first person in all my 64 years (on Tour) to have picked that up." Gary Player

"You were the most informed interviewer I've ever encountered, not the easy things but the obscure. Good work. I enjoy talking to you because you bring up the good memories. You're one of the best."Paul Stankowski, PGA Tour Pro

"You know more about me than I do. I don't know where you came up with some of that stuff. You're an in depth guy and I really appreciate that." Eric Johnson, Director of Instruction at Oakmont Country Club & Golf Digest Top 100 Instructor

"You're the most prepared interviewer I've ever come across." Bob Friend Jr., PGA Tour Pro

"Chris, always enjoy being on your show. You are a true friend of golf." Steve Mona, CEO World Golf Foundation

"Thanks for the opportunity. Your show is great. I have done lots of radio interviews and you are by far the best prepared." Justin Tupper, Revolution Golf CEO

"I enjoyed it. You are doing it perfectly. Keep up your enthusiasm and own it." Matt Adams, Host of the Fairways of Life show on the PGA Channel on Sirius/XM

"You have a great show and I had lots of fun. You were a wonderful interviewer Chris. Let's do it again." Carling Nolan, LPGA Pro, Co-Host & Executive Producer of  the"18 Holes with Jimmy Hanlin" show

"Thanks for having me and spending the time on Callaway.  You could also tell you were very prepared for it which I very much appreciate." Jason Finley, Global Director of Product Strategy for Callaway Golf

"Over the years I have done tons of radio interviews and not often are the hosts as prepared or informed as you were so I certainly appreciate that." Andy Melancon, Manager of Retail Operations for Golfballs.com

"Thank you Chris, you're an awesome host!!" Debbie O'Connell, Top 50 Instructor & Founder of Golf Positive

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